FLECTR ZERO - The ultra performance wheel reflector

Without being unfair, most conventional wheel reflectors do their job. But they are anything but sleek and stylish. Under sportive aspects they are a no go item. In short this explains why cyclists do without wheel reflectors, although it means a huge compromise from a safety perspective. Until now.


FLECTR is the world´s first wheel reflector which combines stylish design with state-of-the-art reflection and outstanding aerodynamics. Beyond that it´s weightless and indestructible. Paper-thin FLECTR fits every spoke like a glove.

Sleek and sexy over the day. A small flag – that´s it.

FLECTR - thousands of retroreflective microprisms reflect light back to its source. Most advanced reflection technology that meets the high standards of police & rescue vehicles. Stunningly glowing when hit by car headlights.

FLECTR´s shape and profile are optimized to avoid air drag. Extensive testing with incident flow velocities of up to 100 mph / 160 Km/h has shown that FLECTR passes these tests without any oscillation or noise.

With a weight of only 0.024 oz / 0.7 gram, FLECTR does not affect the dynamic balance of the wheel in sharp contrast to old school-reflectors with weights of up to 0.90 oz / 25 gram each.

About 21 million bicycles are sold annually across Europe (20.751.000 / CONEBI.eu). This causes a plastic waste of about 1.000 metric tons by conventional spoke reflectors each year. As a one-component product with a weight of only 0.024 oz (0.7 gram) each, FLECTR ZERO is resource-friendly and requires under 10% of raw materials compared to conventional reflectors.

FLECTR is foil-based and optimized for an easy assembly. Just remove the foil carrier, center the reflector on the spoke vertex and press both side panels gently together. Tool-free and easy.



You can mount FLECTR in different ways - you choose your own style!
Compatibility: FLECTR fits every spoke: classic round spokes & flat (bladed) spokes of any diameter Weight: 0.024 oz / 0.7 gram each Reflection technology: cube corner prismatic reflector Reflectors: metalized prisms Assembly: self adhering, tool free assembly
FLECTR ZERO´s technical structure: 01 stiff reflective side panels 02 special treated flexible bending area (marked yellow) 03 special adhesive application (marked red) FLECTR ZERO consists of a high-grade multilayer film: 01 UV stabilizer 02 highly transparent tecnopolymer 03 cube corner prisms 04 metalized pigments 05 adhesives

FLECTR is high tech for demanding cyclists - Forget about heavy, bulky plastic parts!