FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD - premium frame protection


In contrast to the vast majority of bike protectors on the market FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD is manufactured from todays most high-grade protection material which is usually used for special purposes in the aviation and automotive industry. With its superior damping properties, FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD covers the sensitive sections of your bike nearly invisible.


FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD resists any impact - a hard attack with without any effects.

FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD makes the difference
and offers more than common protectors:

+++ Highest damping properties on the market against mechanical impacts
+++ Invisible clear film with self-repairing surface
+++ High conformability to complex tube shapes
+++ Fits every frame - aluminium, steel and carbon
+++ 100% PVC-fee

Large Frame Protectors: For top tube and down tube use on mountain bikes. For top tube and down tube use on carbon or aluminium frame bikes with large tube diameters.
Small Frame Protectors: For seat tube, seat stay, chain stay and fork as well as for all purposes on classic steel frame bikes with small diameter tubes.
Patch Kit: For all sections where gear or brake cables touch the frame.


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FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD fits every bicycle frame
- aluminium, steel and carbon. Mounting: self adhering & tool free. Just clean the mounting area with a fresh cloth and mild detergents to keep it free of dirt and grease. Remove the backing paper and stick FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD to your frame. For perfect optical results, wet the mounting area and FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD with soapy water. So you are able to slide it into the best position. Durabilty: 5 years min. FLECTR GRAVEL GUARD resists all kind of common detergents and lubricants and doesn´t shrink or go blind.