About us

The idea behind FLECTR & our team.

Every passionate biker seeks the optimal support of his or her bike. Trail seekers look for stability, commuters want an easy and comfortable use, while racing cyclists have sleepless nights over the configuration of their lightweight racing machines - the requirements are multifaceted. Without being unfair, most conventional wheel reflectors do their job. But they are anything but sleek and stylish. For real bikers they are a no go item. In short this explains why cyclists do without wheel reflectors, although it means a huge compromise from a safety perspective.

The team around FLECTR consists of experienced designers, craftsmen and technicians. What keeps us going is our understanding that the future we want depends on things we do today. Therefore we love to redefine the things around us. We hope you like FLECTR and are looking forward to having you as our satisfied customers.
For all inquiries please contact us at info@flectr.bike